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As of the end of February, contractors have been selected for most of the work. A hole was created in the back wall with a temporary gate installed so that debris and construction materials could easily be handled with appropriate equipment. Contracts are now being prepared. We expect work to begin the week of March 4th on repairing and improving our pool well. Deck demolition and bath house reconstruction will soon follow, along with repairing our backwash system and installing a new septic system.  As this is a generational project, it will be of utmost importance to have the work done right and well. With revised estimates of work effort recently received, it is possible the opening of the pool season may have to be delayed.




After a series of incidents during the 2018 pool season which required multiple closings of the pool for operational failures, multiple studies were commissioned in the fall of 2018 to determine the condition of the pool infrastructure.  The findings were that while the pool shells were in very good condition,  all of the other infrastructural components had issues.


What’s Broken

Bath House - leaking plumbing, mold, leaking roof, electrical network and plumbing cobbled together over the years.  Some of these issues were only uncovered after a total demolition of the interior.  Users have also complained over the years of the “tired” and “unattractive” appearance of the insides and the lack of a family changing room.

Pool Deck, Skimmers and Apron - Deck was found to hold excessive ponding of water, skimmers are worn out and apron is no longer up to code. A series of coatings have been applied to the deck surface over the years which has exacerbated the ponding problem. A grounding wire is missing from the pool’s perimeter. Without addressing these issues, the pool would not pass inspection for the 2019 pool season.

Electrical Systems - another example of multiple band-aids put on to address individual problems over the years - -definitely not up to code. The circuitry design is also very inefficient.

Water Management - - the pool well has not been servicing the pool, in spite of perceptions to the contrary. After correcting its own deficiencies, the EAWSD utility invoices were showing the pool was actually being filled from their lines, not from the well. Expenses were running into the thousands of dollars each month.  The well and septic systems were found to be in violation of existing codes and the backwash system never worked as designed. The main septic tank, in addition to being located too close to the well, was found to be in failure mode.  While the water management components in the pools “mechanical room” are considered adequate to support operations during the 2019 pool season, they are old and inefficient and will need to be replaced in the not-too-distant future.


Besides the lack of a family changing room, effluents from the pool are being wasted; I.e. not recycled. To support efficient access and egress to the pool components inside the walls and to more efficiently manage the handling of pool accessories, it was determined that adding a gate to the back wall of the pool would meet these objectives.


Because the “fixes” needed to rehabilitate the pool involve several different structural/technical genres and there are no vendors that can effectively deal with all of them, the project was broken into several logical components and vendor bids solicited for each, consistent with the ECIA Procurement Policies. All work to be performed must be phased in such a way so that the 2019 pool season schedule is not compromised.

Water/Effluent Management - - The requirements were to design a system that would enable efficient filling of the pools from the pool well, provide potable water to fixtures in and around the bath house and move all used water (including sewage) to a newly designed collection and distribution system (behind the pool’s back wall). This water would be used for irrigation. The well needs to be brought up to code and the intake system designed to switch over to utility water if the well-related components might need to be taken “off-line” for servicing.

A mapping of the complete new water management infrastructure was prepared and approved. Bids were solicited based on this document.

Bath House - The main requirement is to restore the unit to meet user requirements for layout and accoutrements, consistent with current code, while accommodating a new family changing room, outdoor rinse shower and a few outdoor lockers - - all without changing the footprint of the structure.  An architect was retained and plans were developed and approved, and permits secured.

Deck/Skimmers/Apron - - Given the findings regarding the existing condition, it was decided to demolish all surfaces and run key plumbing and electrical components under a new replacement deck that would be graded and plumbed to have all surface and effluent liquids directed to the collection system behind the pool’s back wall. Skimmers will need to be replaced. 

Electrical Systems - based on the various problems found with the existing, antiquated system, it was decided to redesign the electiric circuitry. Three major sources have been identified so that additional power supply should not be required.

Evaluating Bids

Given the different skill sets required to meet the rehabilitation requirements for the pool, multiple bids from multiple vendors were solicited and evaluated. A team of 3 people performed the initial review of bids for completeness and adherence to defined requirements.

A meeting is to be scheduled of all the vendors chosen to perform the work so that inter-relationships/dependencies between the various components can be reviewed and coordinated. Time lines will be finalized and any non-essential work perceived as being “at-risk” for completing before the scheduled late May pool opening will be deferred until after the end of the 2019 pool season.

Contracts will be developed and the large ones reviewed by the Finance Committee, consistent with the Procurement Policy guidelines, before going to the Board for signature.  The ECIA Project Manager will be the over-all coordinator of the project.

View the poolhouse plans (pdf document)