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Home to great folks, rich culture and beautiful views, Eldorado at Santa Fe is a community of 2650 homes situated at the foot of the Sangre de Cristo mountains, approximately 25 minutes from the Santa Fe Plaza.

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ECIA Community Standards for Communication

         Eldorado is a community of diverse individuals with wide-ranging needs and visions for how we want to live our lives here.  All members have the right to express their point of view.  However, it is important that when it is expressed at Board and Committee Meetings, in dealing with the ECIA/HOAMCO staff, or on the ECIA Common Properties, it be done in a civil manner that respects the rights of others.

         The intent of the Board is to foster a community culture in which civility is the norm.  We expect Members and others to communicate without hostility toward any individual based on race, color, creed, gender, sexual preference or identity, national origin, age, political affiliation, or point of view.  Contrary behavior by any Member, resident, guest, invitee, Board or Committee Member, or ECIA/HOAMCO Staff in any form while on ECIA Common Properties will not be condoned or tolerated.

         As members of the Eldorado Community, when on the ECIA Common Properties, we will strive to:

  • Treat each other with respect and dignity, even though we may have differing opinions and beliefs
  • Create a community where diverse views are respected
  • Manage conflict in a respectful, rather than a confrontational way 
  • Avoid disparaging others through personal attacks, intimidation, and innuendo
  • Respect and preserve the safety of others
  • Use language that is useful, avoiding language or behavior that is incendiary

         While input from the community is vital, it is important that members not interfere with the duties of the Board, the Committees, ECIA management, and staff or contractors.  All communications with contractors must go through the Board, the Committees or Management, or must otherwise be in accordance with Board policy. 

         It is the responsibility of all Members and residents of the ECIA to speak up when they see others not upholding these standards and to remind each other to take a step back.   If that is not effective, the behavior should be reported to the appropriate person, and/or a complaint may be filed with the Management Staff or the Board of Directors.

         This is our community and we are all accountable for making it a safe and civil place to live and conduct our business.