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ECIA Governing Board

The purpose of the ECIA is to promote the health, safety, and welfare of the residents within the community known as Eldorado at Santa Fe.

Our vision statement is:

Eldorado will be a premier homeowner community in New Mexico, known as a diverse, family focused and welcoming environment offering outstanding amenities, fiscal strength and quality service for residents.

We will achieve our objectives by working collaboratively with HOAMCO, our current management company, to identify and develop capital improvements that respond to members’ needs and to adopt appropriate technologies that improve security, communication, compliance and collaboration.

Current Office Holders:

President: Carol Sanguinetti [c.sanguinetti@eldoradosf.org]
Vice President: Amelia Adair [a.adair@eldoradosf.org]
Treasurer: Joseph Gutierrez [j.gutierrez@eldoradosf.org]
Secretary: Jonathan McLaughlin [j.mclaughlin@eldoradosf.org]
Director: Mary Bonilla [m.bonilla@eldoradosf.org]
Director: James Herbert Williams [j.herbert@eldoradosf.org]
Director: Jonathan Turkle [j.turkle@eldoradosf.org]

There is one Board meeting per month, usually the third Tuesday of the month at 5:30 PM. All residents are invited to attend. You can find the dates and times on our Events Calendar. Please attend and get involved!

Special Board Meeting May 31st, 2022 Agenda
Special Board Meeting May 31st, 2022 Minutes

Organizational Board Meeting June 7th, 2022 Agenda
Organizational Board Meeting June 7th, 2022 Minutes











Upcoming Board Meeting Agenda

Download the September 20th, 2022 Agenda



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