The ECIA has been experiencing abnormally high water bills over the past several months.  The water for the Community Center comes from two sources - there is a line from the well southeast of the pool, and there is a metered line that comes in from the Eldorado Area Water and Sanitation District (EAWSD).  Both lines feed the pool and the irrigation system.  There is a problem with the way the pipes are plumbed together and the only way to tell is to excavate the pipes to identify the problem.  The ECIA office contacted nine excavation contractors to do the work, however only two showed up and submitted proposals.  The Board chose Eclipse Landscape Management’s bid to do the excavation work as the most cost effective.  The excavations revealed the problem and the Board is working with the EAWSD to remedy the situation.

In the meantime, during the torrential rains on August 22nd, the cisterns/storage tanks on the west side of the barn settled into the sodden ground and started to tip.  The plumbing from the booster pump to the tanks was severely damaged.  Maintenance staff drained the tanks on August 23rd to prevent further damage and the tanks will have to be removed and reset on new foundations.  This work must be done immediately because the cisterns feed the entire irrigation system for the Community Center.

Three bids were received to do the work, but only two of them proposing a concrete slab under the tanks to prevent future problems (the combine weight of the 4 tanks when they are filled is over 30 tons).  The bid submitted by Eclipse Landscape Management was almost half the amount of the competing bid, and we received glowing letters of reference from prior Eclipse clients.  Last night, the Board approved the contract for Eclipse to do the work.

Eclipse Landscape Management is owned by the husband of our new Interim General Manager, Julie Navarro.  To ensure that there is no conflict of interest, she has recused herself from all dealings with the company, and our Maintenance Supervisor, Roberto Hurtado, will oversee all work with Eclipse.

In order to be fully above board and transparent, we are notifying the membership of this contract.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

David McDonald, President

ECIA Board of Directors