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Neighborhood Watch

Eldorado Neighborhood Watch, the largest NW group in New Mexico with over 100 Block Captains, is a voluntary program organized and run by the residents of our community. The Leadership Team sends email alerts from the Sheriffs Hot Sheets directly related to any crime in the greater Eldorado area to each Block Captain. Any information related to the safety and welfare of our community is also sent to the Block Captains and they then forward on to the participants on their road.

A neighborhood Watch group can help to create unity, cooperation and a sense of community as neighbors get acquainted and support one another. Help us to attain our goal of complete coverage of all residents in Eldorado and surrounding neighborhoods, by joining NW and helping keep our communities safe.

If you are not a member of one of the neighborhood groups and would like to be contact: Joe Loewy, 505-231-6462, jloewy42@aol.com or visit our website: https://eldoradoneighbors.wordpress.com/

Eldorado Neighborhood Watch sign