David SDavid Sorkin Picorkin

Born and educated in Detroit, Michigan, entered USAF in 1967 during the Viet Nam conflict. Possessed a Top Secret Security clearance while serving in Okinawa and Italy. Returned to the USA in 1970 upon the death of my father and subsequent death of my mother in the same year. Worked at the USPS in Santa Monica, CA. Married to Melisa in 1977. We had two beautiful daughters in 1979 and 1981 respectively. Worked in the foodservice industry from 1978 for about 20 years becoming General Manager of a packing operation in Vernon, CA. Then went to Tollison Arizona as the VP of Sales, (a million dollar a day company), all the while using the skills of Information Technology to enhance my organizations’ ability to move into the computer age. Accepted a position at California State University in the early 2000s as the de facto director of Information Technology for the enterprise responsible for the entire infrastructure (backbone) of the campus of 35,000 students, 5,000 faculty & staff. Later, accepted a position in Santa Barbara, CA in a similar capacity offering triple-play services, (voice, video, & data) over DSL to small telephone companies across the USin order to compete with the cable co’s. Took on a challenge at a 200-bed hospital as acting interim CIO. Finally, after living in So. Cal. for 46 years, Lisa and I were able to find Santa Fe,(Eldorado), and retire here in late 2016. I’ve been fortunate to be an active member of the ECIA Finance Committee since late 2017 and I am excited to join the ECIA Board and use my experience in the public and private sector to make a positive contribution for the residents of Eldorado.