January 10, 2019 Community Open Discussion Group Summary

No minutes as the group didn't meet in January due to the Facilities & Grounds Townhall.


December 13, 2018 Community Open Discussion Group Summary

  1. Desire for more open communication – proactive engagement
    1. Only a small number of members are making decisions
    2. Bringing residents together around food – community potluck
    3. Encouraging more people to come out for school events
    4. ECIA Car Show
  1. Maximum percentage ECIA Assessment can increase. (Article V, Section 3 of the Declaration of Covenants – no percentage cap, however can only be increased every 2 years in an “amount sufficient to maintain, operate and administer the common properties and facilities)
  1. Outside Lights –
    1. Eblast to announce holiday lights must be taken down.
    2. Vistas articles on Dark Skies
    3. Need for guidelines on lighting
      1. i. motion sensors
      2. ii. security
  • iii. time limited
  1. iv. alternatives
  1. Civility Policy – Board is still working on it
  1. Visioning/Planning
    1. Plan to preserve the environment and wildlife
    2. Minimal vs maximum
    3. Create a 5 year plan


November 8, 2018 Community Open Discussion Group Summary

  1. Joe Loewy brought up Security Cameras at the entrances to deter burglaries which was suggested by another member at a previous meeting. The issues of liability, privacy, cost and permission from the Sheriff’s Department were discussed. Joe will  investigate further and David will bring it up at the next Board Working Session.
  2. Barry Silver read his list of 14 points that he was concerned about and agreed to send them out to the group instead of discussing them that night. David will answer those he can (see below).
  3. Barbara Barlow Silver discussed the possibility of having a Memorial Park for members who pass on.
  4. David Yard brought up the 285 Safety Corridor issue. Frequency of major accidents and Nuclear Waste transportation were discussed. David offered to send a letter of support from the Board.
  5. Judy Cormier brought up two issues:
    1. The disrepair of the walls at the Ave. Amistad entrance. Who owned the walls and the property, who is responsible for repairing them was discussed, as well as the possibility of getting all of the HOA’s off that entrance listed on the walls. David will bring it up at the next Board Working Session.
    2. Covenant Violation Letter deadline to reply - date of letter or date of receipt? Referred to Mark Young, Covenant Compliance Coordinator
  6. Claudia Daigle brought up three issues:
    1. Association Management - she felt that she was not being allowed access to Association documents that she had requested. David indicated that she was given all documents that ECIA legal counsel felt did not violate other members' right to privacy.
    2. Members Rights - she felt that members should be able to vote on issues such as ground mounted solar and chickens. David stated that these issues had been settled in the courts.
    3. Governing Documents - she asserted that the Covenants on the website was not an official certified copy and should be replaced with the right one. David said that he would look into the matter.


Barry's 14 Points, with David's responses

I prepared these notes as a reminder of the topics I wanted to offer for consideration at

a future board, committee or community meeting. It is set up as a quick reference and

should be emailed to all the Forum's participants. See my comments in Blue. ~David McDonald


1] MEETING DATE ANNOUNCEMENTS - no less than 48 hours advance notice for all

meetings via an e-blast. News Brief is scheduled to go out on the 2nd Monday of each

month, 48 hours+ prior to the Open Discussion Group. In November the second

Monday falls after the second Thursday, and it was not caught until the last minute.

This has been corrected for future dates.

2] MEETING START TIMES - post dinner and drive-time start, not 6pm. The Board has

many late night meeting. 6pm start time allows for members to get home from work to



COMMITTEE MEMBERS - provide written responses to the residents' inquiries within

two days, or provide a reasonable date indicating when a reply can be expected. As I

explained yesterday, your emails were inexplicably landing in a “Social” box in my gmail

account that I never check which only contains Instagram notifications. I am working to

rectify the situation. Generally I do my best to answer emails the same day, however I

do not check my ECIA email on the weekend.

4] When further research/consultation is needed to respond to a verbal inquiry, a written

response copying all attendees should be provided. attendees should not be expected

to wait until a future meeting or when minutes are issued. I’m not sure what specifically

you are referring to?


and VOTE COUNTS to be a part of the meeting's published minutes. Again, what


6] To quell anxiety, suspicion and unease regarding property value depreciation and

compromised resale possibilities due to RAP [health, aesthetic and quality of life issues]

or any similar issue.



These are opinions held by some in Eldorado, as well as opinions that are in favor of

RAP roads. The Board does our best to take all points of view into account when

making decisions. The roads belong to and are maintained by Santa Fe County and it

is my understanding that at this point there is no funding available for asphalt.

7] As in 6 above, avoid any hint that the community is split apart by strife and

incivility through the codification of a RULES of CONDUCT into a written policy or

covenant. Again, the Board takes all opinions, pro and con, into account when making


8] SIGN IN SHEETS - each meeting is to have an attendance sign-in sheet to

record names and email addresses. An additional list should be supplied for residents

wanting to speak during the Public Comments. These should be an integral part of the

published minutes. There is often confusion about the sign-in sheet for public comment.

Having a separate attendance sheet might help, or it might make it worse. I’m not sure

about publishing the names of all attendees - I would have to get legal advice on that


9] ESTABLISH STANDARDS - the review and adoption of JOB DESCRIPTIONS for

Board Members, Committee Chairs and Committee Members to prequalify candidates

for election or appointment. These are available and have been reviewed. We are

reviewing the process for more thoroughly informing the candidates/appointees of their


10] PERFORMANCE REVIEWS/EVALUATIONS - carry out semiannual performance

reviews against JOB DESCRIPTIONS, and achievement of measurable semi and

annual goals. It would be carried out by a new committee to determine professional

qualifications, performance and ethics. This is the responsibility of HOAMCO as they

employ all ECIA staff, and it is being done. The Board participates in all upper level

employee hiring and evaluation.

11] ANNUAL BOARD RETREAT - should be open to include all homeowners at their

expense. This would encourage cross fertilization and develop a sense of shared

community. I think that the Board would be willing to discuss this.

12] A ROLLING 5 YEAR STRATEGIC PLAN - develop a plan to include amenities,

merchants, signage, upgrades, use of common areas by residents, integration with La

Tienda and Agora, safety and security, sports facilities, enhanced coordination with the

library, senior center, community school, relocation of the playground from remote and

isolated Compadres to adjacent to the ECIA buildings. There is a Strategic Plan that

probably needs to be updated. There is a playground at the Community Center and the

Compadres playground is to accommodate the western portion of Eldorado.

13] Clarification of the recent disposition of RECREATIONAL EQUIPMENT and financial accounting used to record assets' values, source of income and use of income. I will look into this.

14] WILDFIRE PREVENTION PLAN - for greater Eldorado to coordinate with Santa Fe

County and Santa Fe City efforts. David Yard is concerned about this issue and would

be a good person to talk to about what is being done and what could be done.