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A Candidate Forum will be held on Thursday, March 18, 6:30 PM via Zoom. Candidates will present their views and ideas based on a universal question. Immediately following closing statements, candidates should be available for questions from the community as time permits. The Forum will be audio recorded and will be made available upon request of the ECIA General Manager.

Read Candidate Statements for Sal Monaco and Melicent D’Amore 



 At the recent Town Hall with Santa Fe County Sheriff Mendoza, we learned of a  email address to which Eldorado residents can send reports of re-occurring, NON-EMERGENCY public safety issues.  Sheriff Mendoza stressed that this email is not read on weekends or evenings and should only be used to share observations or questions that are non-threatening.  In the event of active, suspicious  behavior, residents were asked to be vigilant and observant in their neighborhoods and report such behavior, quickly and with as much detail as possible to  911.

The email for "Sheriff Concerns" is:  shfconcerns@santafecountynm.gov

Thank you to all who participated at the Town Hall and those who forwarded questions for the sheriff's discussion.

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If you know of an ECIA resident who has made  a significant contribution  to Eldorado through their volunteer work, please click on the link below to complete the Volunteer of the Year Nomination form and send it to Board Secretary, Carol Sanguinetti. The Board will review all the submissions and determine this year's recipient. The recipient will be announced at the ECIA Annual Meeting on May 3.

Volunteer Nomination Form

Board Actions and Summary January 25, 2021


The January ECIA Board of Directors Meeting was held via ZOOM. President Nancy Sulzberg, Vice-President Melicent D'Amore, Secretary Carol Sanguinetti, Director David Sorkin, Treasurer Sal Monaco, and Director Erika Penczer were present and a quorum was met. HOAMCO staff including General Manager Julie Navarro, Assistant General Manager Jessica Collins, Operations Manager Mike Rogers, and Compliance Officer Mark Young attended.  The Board approved the Consent Agenda.

The General Manager reported that the staff is working diligently on the 2020 Tax Audit. Though a lot of work, the process helps the office stay “on track” with requirements. About 39% of lot owners have paid their 2021 assessments. When checks are dropped off at the office, they are scanned and they clear usually within one day. The Operations Manager provided an update on projects. Five cameras are installed at the dog park. The pool re-stucco is completed and fencing will be installed at the basketball courts by members of the HOAMCO Maintenance Team, saving the community considerable costs. Cameras will be installed at Compadres Park and at the Stables. All sites will be monitored from the General Manager’s office.

The County Liaison, also a resident, reported that two funding requests were submitted to the NM Legislature. The first was for an Avenida Azul hike/bike trail. If approved, this will improve the safety of walkers who must walk on the high-traffic, paved County road to access greenbelt trails and other homes.  The second funding request is to plan, design, and construct improvements to roads within the Eldorado subdivision in Santa Fe County. Joseph stressed the importance for Eldorado to focus on current and future funding for our hike/bike trails; he will work with the Operations Manager and Facilities and Grounds Committee Chair to further the process.

Under New Business attendees were part of discussions about:

  • The addition of a Frisbee Golf Course amenity. Location, size, difficulty level, and insurance are all topics that continue to be discussed with more input needed from other ECIA Committees and community residents. The integrity of the Greenbelt and Preserve are pertinent and there is no desire to desecrate the land; other locations are being considered. The Facilities and Grounds Committee Chair discussed the importance of hearing the voice of residents in regard to amenities and ensuring due diligence in research of ideas and interests. The designer of the course at IAIA presented at the last Facilities and Grounds Committee meeting and provided suggestions. This potential amenity could appeal to younger families and young adults; there would be minimal equipment and costs, and low maintenance. A town hall meeting will be scheduled to discuss this idea with residents. Concerns were heard regarding the limit of land use to only Frisbee Golf. It was discussed that the land can still be used for other activities. This topic will remain on the agenda for further discussion at the next Board of Directors meeting.
  • A Graffiti/Mural project for El Dorado Community School students to design. The concern of tagging in culverts and the cost of cleanup brought to light this idea to reduce tagging vandalism. Cameras were installed which helped in the specific areas, though the tagging was only to be relocated. Members of the Board of Directors and residents discussed the researched notion of creating a safe place for youth to utilize designated areas for graffiti art. A resident, and the local school art teacher, discussed the importance of the art and the inherent benefits of empowering youth in our community with this valued medium. A discussion was held about educating the community of this historically negative art form; assisting in introducing a new perspective to culture and generational connection. The project was presented as a potential aspect of the 50th anniversary celebration. This topic will remain on the agenda for more discussion at the next Board of Directors meeting.
  • 2022 will be the 50th anniversary of the establishment of Eldorado, and the importance of a community celebration. The Board of Directors is seeking a group of volunteers to help execute and to bring forth ideas and develop a timeline and budget. There will be an article in the February Vistas on this topic. Any resident interested in assisting and bringing forth ideas can email the Board President n.sulzberg@eldoradosf.org.
  • To determine the Volunteer of the Year for 2020, the Board of Directors created a nomination form to be sent to Committee Chairs and residents through ECIA eBlasts and the website. All residents are welcome to submit names of folks who have provided Eldorado with exceptional volunteer service in 2020. Based on the response received, the Board of Directors will choose the most eligible candidate.
  • ECIA’s insurance coverage is up for renewal in April 2021. The Chair of the Facilities and Grounds Committee shared there are several residents with ideas for amenity enhancements. All ideas are welcomed and discussed, however, it is essential the community is aware of how liability insurance has evolved and is ever-more difficult to secure. Sal Monaco, Kathy Ritschel, Paul Butt, Mike Schneider and Nancy Sulzberg are researching and interviewing several insurance agents. The group is seeking umbrella coverage to ensure there are some activities, such as swim lessons, that can be covered which minimizes risk to the community and is not too cost prohibitive.

The selection of a new ECIA logo is on hold. The review group composed of David Sorkin, Carol Sanguinetti, Melicent D’Amore, Joseph Sulzberg, and Pam Henline has decided on a new font for both El Dorado at Santa Fe and Eldorado Community Improvement Association titles. Guidelines will be developed for their use on documents.

During the Open Forum, a resident at 84 Verano Loop requested to speak on the topic of the closure and reopening of climbing/bouldering in the Preserve. They stated the selection of easy climbs in the Santa Fe area is limited and it would benefit ECIA residents to reopen this recreational activity with additional signage, educating the community, and only reopening certain areas that do not need further research (i.e. foliage and petroglyphs). Other residents joined the conservation and expressed the importance of this activity being available to youth and families as an outlet during the pandemic. A volunteer panel through the Conservation Committee was called for to discuss recommendations and advise and report to the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors will reassess this topic, with input from the panel, in April 2021, following the renewal of the insurance policy. Anyone interested in participating in this volunteer group is asked to attend the next Conservation Committee meeting on February 2, 2021 at 7PM. Email specific questions to the Conservation Chair, conservationchair@gmail.com, or the Conservation Committee Board liaison c.sanguinetti@eldoradosf.org.

A resident at 1 and 3 Hidaldo Court requested to speak about HOA dues per lots owned and combining two ECIA lots into one. They stated they were informed they would only have to pay one assessment fee for their residence, and not fees for the lot without a dwelling. The resident was informed that the Governing Documents state if there is a home on the lot or not, each lot owner must pay yearly HOA dues per each lot owned. This was established in the early years of Eldorado when there were not many homes and income needed to be gained in order to preserve ECIA. The resident also asked whether they could combine the lots into one. The Finance Committee Chair informed the resident this is possible by going through the Santa Fe County Department of Land Use and having their property re-platted. The lot owner can then bring the documents to ECIA staff to ensure one lot is on record for the owner. The meeting members were informed this information can be found in the Declaration of Covenants in the “Governing Documents” tab on the ECIA website. For questions related to this topic, please email the Finance Committee Chair financechair1@gmail.com.

The Board passed the following motions:

  • To affirm the electronic vote to appoint Erika Penczer to the ECIA Board of Directors with a term ending May 2023. Motioned by the Board President, seconded by the Board Vice President. The vote was unanimous.
  • To approve the updates made to the Election Committee Charter which can be found on the ECIA website. Motioned by the Board Treasurer, seconded by the Board Director. The vote was unanimous.
  • To recommend that the Board instruct the ECIA's bookkeeper and auditor to use the amount transferred at the end of 2020 from the Operating Fund to the Replacement Reserve to adjust any remaining 2020 Operating surplus or deficit to $0. Motioned by the Board Treasurer, seconded by Board Vice President. The vote was unanimous.
  • To recommend that the Board approve a plan to issue Stable invoices through the HOAMCO Caliber system, and delay the billing for water usage until the next month to allow invoices to be generated early in each month.  Motioned by the Board Treasurer, seconded by the Board Director. The vote was unanimous.
  • To affirm the electronic vote to approve a variance for a studio to be located at distance of 38 feet more than the maximum allowed and to allow for a walkway to act as a connecting feature at 71 Camerada Loop. Motioned by the Board Vice President, seconded by the Board Treasurer. The vote was unanimous.
  • To affirm the electronic vote to approve a variance for the repair and replacement of boards in an existing coyote/stucco pillar fence to remain encroaching 10 feet in the 20-foot setback and to allow for the current fence to remain with 4287 sw. feet of enclosure, which exceeds the maximum allowed enclosure by 287 sq. ft. at 2 Cerrado Loop. Motioned by the Board Vice President, seconded by the Board Secretary. The vote was unanimous.
  • To affirm the electronic vote to approve a variance for an 8-foot-tall fence originally built without approval and to allow for a storage container to remain on the lot for up to two years; the applicant has fully screened the container is using it to prepare for a move at 24 Camerada Rd. Motioned by the Board Vice President, seconded by the Board Director. The vote was unanimous.
  • To approve the final 2020 ECIA Financial Statement for use in the 2020 independent audit by accountants Porch and Associates, with terms similar to the Letter of Engagement used for the 2019 audit. Motioned by the Board Treasurer, seconded by the Board Vice President. The vote was unanimous.

The Board approved the following variances:

  • To allow a new garden shed to be located 30 feet from the home, 15 feet further than the Guidelines allow at 8 Cuesta Lane. Motioned by the Board Vice President, seconded by the Board Director.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:45 PM. The President’s Report and Treasurer’s Report, along with Task Group and Committee Reports are on the website. Approximately fifteen members of the community signed into the meeting. Recordings of the meeting can be requested by calling the ECIA office at [505] 466-4248. Complete minutes and agendas are available at the ECIA office or on the website: www.eldoradosf.org.

Thank you to all who participated and we hope to see you at the next meeting on:


Monday, February 22, 2021 at 5 PM




  1. Time and place. The December business meeting of the Eldorado Stable Committee (“the ESC”) was held on December 21, 2020, on Zoom and was called to order at 6:05 pm by the Chair of the ESC. Copies of the Agenda, past meeting Minutes and the Chair Report were sent by email. The Zoom meeting was recorded.
  1. Quorum, Attendees, Agenda. A quorum of ESC members was present, specifically Amelia Adair, Deena Joseph, Lisa Bessone and Kelly Smith. Karla Lauritsen and Tara Debevec were absent. In addition to ESC Members, ESC Board Liaison Carol Sanguinetti, HOAMCO Staff Jessica Collins, and new ECIA Board Member Erica Penczer were present. The following barn owners were present: Carol Loewy and Charli Stevens. Former Eldorado resident and gardener Mary Ellen Neal was also present. Amelia Adair presided as chair of the meeting and acted as Secretary. The Agenda was adopted as prepared.
  1. Minutes. The Minutes of the October 2020 ESC Business Meeting were previously approved by e-mail; there were no corrections to those Minutes.
  1. Stable Story. Amelia recognized and thanked Susan Tweit, Karla Lauritsen, Alice Griffin and Gretel Underwood for their good work planting a native seed mix in several trial areas around the Stable. The seed mix was developed specifically for the Eldorado area and sourced by Susan Tweit, who is a barn owner and plant biologist with extensive experience with native vegetation. This work is part of the plan to manage weeds and support native vegetation around the Stable common areas.
  1. Chair’s Report. The Chair’s report was delivered in writing, by email. Topics covered in the report include enforcement status update, including for sale and vacant barns; a project report on all outstanding projects; 5 year plan next steps; the relationship with the Water District; and a recap of action items.
  1. Open Forum. Before the meeting opened, the participants introduced themselves to Ms. Penczer, who scheduled a tour of the Stable. Ms. Neal thanked the Stable for providing manure for her gardens over many years. A barn owner wanted to be sure the ECIA is aware that some meter registers are becoming hard to read, with clouding and speckles in the readouts. Ms. Stevens reported that since Waste Management changed their service date and time to early Tuesday mornings, manure tends to freeze to the containers and not get emptied all the way.
  1. ECIA Report.
    • Amelia Adair welcomed Jessica Collins, the ECIA Assistant General Manager and the staff person newly assigned to the Stable Committee. This is her first meeting with the Stable Committee.
    • Mike Rogers, the ECIA Operations Manager, shared his project report with the Committee prior to the meeting, and it was included in the Chair Report. The upper arena equipment pen is complete, which finalizes the repair and replacement project to rebuild the upper arena. Security camera replacement has been delayed due to COVID.
    • Jessica Collins reported that the Board has authorized hiring an attorney to foreclose on barn 20, whose owner passed away this summer.
    • Ms. Collins also reported that Stable bills will be issued out of HOAMCO’s CALIBER system starting this month. Also, the Board authorized billing barn owners for water in arrears, to allow bills to go out consistently earlier in the month (in the past Stable bills waited until the Water District issued their bills; this change will lead to a more consistent, earlier billing date for Stable bills).
  1. Board Update. Carol Sanguinetti, ESC Board Liaison, Carol Sanguinetti reported on the Board’s initiative to improve ECIA’s compliance strategies, by asking all committees to work on what enforcement problems they encounter and clarifying the rules or policies which may help improve compliance. The Board is considering whether to add fines as a tool to improve compliance as a last resort. The Committee discussed the background of how Mark Young has served as the staff person handling Stable compliance issues in the past several years.
  1. Old Business.
    • Amenity Maintenance update: Deena Joseph discussed her meeting with Guy McElvain, an equine arena consultant, regarding footing replacement recommendations for the upper arena, and maintenance recommendations for the lower and arroyo arenas. The ECIA Reserve & Replacement (R&R) schedule called for replacing the footing this year, but the Committee determined it did not have to be done this year. We decided to evaluate when it may need to be done and what that project should consist of. Ms. Joseph will circulate Mr. McElvain’s report to the Committee and Mike Rogers.
    • Arroyo Trails project: Ms. Joseph reported on the status of the project, including an overview of its background, the project team, and the project’s philosophy. Specifically, the decisions to establish a clear perimeter trail encircling the arroyo; having obstacles on interior trails of varying types and degrees of challenge, to provide interesting training opportunities for all levels of riders; having connecting or parallel trails near obstacles which allow riders to avoid obstacles if they choose. So far, all the materials for the obstacles have been donated, and many have been installed with volunteer labor (future planned obstacles may require budget approval, such as steps and banks). The larger obstacles, which required assistance from the ECIA maintenance crew, were installed first. The project team will continue installing smaller obstacles early in the new year. The Committee thanked Ms. Joseph and the team for the enjoyable upgrades to the arroyo trails; discussed next steps for the arroyo, fire mitigation work and trash removal performed by the maintenance crew concurrently with the trails project; and discussed the opportunities presented to focus on maintaining the habitat in the arroyo in a natural state. Jason Smith has volunteered to assist the Committee with this opportunity.
  1. New Business.
    • Lisa Bessone reported on communication improvements she is helping the Committee develop, including use of a shared project tracking document on Google Docs. She also plans to develop a system whereby Stable volunteers can track their volunteer hours, to help us all understand the type and amount of work done by barn owners and sharers to support the community.
    • Amelia Adair reported that the Committee has been discussing 2021 priorities and goals, and for our next meeting, should further refine what projects we want to request funding for out of the general stable operational budget.
    • Kelly Smith reported on success of the Jingle Bell on December 20, where 11 riders (and a walker) decorated their horses and rode through the adjacent neighborhood. A New Year’s Day ride is planned.
    • Ms. Adair reported that the Committee will review the Common Area Use Guidelines as part of the overall review of the Stable Rules, which should start in the new year. The Committee likely will review the Guidelines annually, similar to the way we now review the Emergency Plan. The Committee discussed next steps, including how best to obtain feedback from the Stable community, especially new barn owners and sharers.
  1. Action Item Summary: The following action items were assigned during the meeting:

Action Item

Responsible Person


Ask Waste Management to service the Stable in the afternoon

Jessica Collins

Next meeting

Review water meter registers to check that they are functioning correction

Mike Rogers

Next meeting

Review the Stable Rules, and report to the Board on compliance and enforcement issues at the Stable

Amelia Adair

First quarter 2021

Expand weed management team to address arroyo habitat, and include Jason Smith

Karla Lauritsen


Distribute Guy McElvain’s report on arena maintenance and footing

Deena Joseph


Develop proposed project tracking document

Lisa Bessone


Develop proposed volunteer hour tracking document

Lisa Bessone

Feb. meeting

Develop feedback plan for the Common Area Use Guidelines

Amelia Adair

Next meeting

  1. Adjournment. The meeting was adjourned at 7:05 pm.

By: Amelia Adair, Chair 1/15/21

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REMINDER: Assessment payments can be dropped into the large black box at the front door of the ECIA office, Monday - Friday from 9 AM - 4:30 PM.