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Eldorado Volunteer Committee

The vision of the Eldorado Volunteer Committee (EVC) is to have exceptionally engaged, caring and talented volunteer leadership at all levels of the organization.

The mission of the EVC is to improve the quality of the ECIA’s volunteer leadership, by developing a set of best practices and strategies for attracting, supporting and helping retain volunteers for ECIA committees, task forces, events and special projects, and Board nominees.  The EVC will have a team to welcome new residents, host community outreach and education events, and network with other volunteer groups in the community.  We want to meet our neighbors, welcome newcomers, and have fun!

Email info@eldoradosf.org for more information about the Committee, or to learn about volunteer opportunities.

Carol Sanguinetti
Pat Bellart-Brown – Co-Chair

Board Liaison: Amelia Adair
Alt. Liaison: TBD
ECIA Staff Liaison: Annie Wells

Sue Garfitt
Sheila Sullivan
Jim Brown
Pat Bellart-Brown
Sheila Doran-Benyon
David Rasch




The Eldorado Volunteer Committee meets the 3rd Thursday of the month at 3 PM.

HOA Skills Workshop Agenda


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